Our business is Water; Reuse & Utility Infrastructure.

Whether it is a major municipal expansion; small community upgrade/replacement; industrial facility compliance or a private development project—JCEA offers expertise in the all areas of water, wastewater and reuse. Services are detailed below:

Service List

Early and conceptual utility planning is the key to proper implementation of new or existing utility systems. Utility planning is desirable for potable water (water supply, treatment or distribution); wastewater (treatment or transmission) or reuse (treatment, storage, pumping and distribution).

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Master Utility Planning

Water, wastewater or reclaimed water systems require environmental permitting through regulatory agencies. Typical permitting activities include water supply, water distribution, water treatment, wastewater treatment, wastewater transmission

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Sewer system and water distribution system  rehabilitation is now a routine maintenance item required in today’s aging utility infrastructure system. In addition the rehabilitation of pumps, storage tanks and treatment facilities is also an ongoing maintenance item in the Capital Improvement Program.

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Utility Infrastructure


The transport of water, wastewater or reuse water includes the pipelines and pumping stations required to move the flow via gravity, pressure or combination thereof.

Water, Wastewater & Reuse