Our business is Water; Reuse & Utility Infrastructure.

In addition to the services briefly described in previous pagesóJCEA offers a comprehensive list of professional services related to utility engineering. These services include the following:

Service List

® Procurement & Implementation of SRF and Grant/Loans

® Small Community Utility Assistance

® Regulatory Compliance Services

® Reuse Feasibility Studies

® Reuse Permitting

® Consumptive or Water Use Permit

® FDOT Permitting

® SJRWMD Permitting

® DEP Operating and Construction Permits

® Operation and Maintenance Performance Reports

® Capacity Analysis Reports

® NPDES Permitting

® Water Quality

® Wastewater Residuals Management

® GIS Utility Mapping

® Construction Administration Services

® Private utility evaluations and purchase negotiations

® Development Review (Utility)

® Financial and Strategic Master Planning

® Various Engineering Studies